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Data Centers

Definition: "A data center (sometimes spelled datacenter) is a centralized repository, either physical or virtual for the storage, management, and dissemination of data and information organized around a particular body of knowledge or pertaining to a particular business".

Data Centers to many small businesses are simply a tiny closet full of expensive equipment and various colored cables. Whether you have a simple closet or a 10,000 square foot space, DELL-COMM can help you design a "data center" that it is smarter, more efficient and sensitive to your budget.

Design: DELL-COMM can help you minimize the expense of laying out your new data center using the latest technologies. DELL-COMM has five RCDD's on staff that are certified to design your data center space and they will use the industries BICSI certified practices for this design. Whether you are going to build a new space or expand upon your existing one, DELL-COMM is here to help every step of the way. An effective design is key to a successful data center.

  • CAD design
  • Cooling consideration
  • Equipment layout

Pathways: A great data center is designed around well thought out pathways and spaces for the cable. Whether your data center uses a raised floor or not, advanced planning for the pathways is critical. DELL-COMM knows the importance of a cable placement and can help you do it right the first time.

  • Cable trays
  • Raised flooring
  • Penetrations and conduits

Cable Infrastructure: The cable backbone is at the core of the data center and it connects the users to the data. Cable performance has a direct impact on the users experience and performance equates to reliability and speed (bandwidth). The cable types you choose for your infrastructure plays a greater role as you expand your business and the faster and more reliable it is, the faster your business can grow without infrastructure expense.

  • Fiber optic backbone
  • CAT5E and CAT6
  • Low cost expansion

Security: Besides protecting the data itself with firewalls, filters and other appliances, physical security ensures that the staff working in the data center should be there in the first place. Card access should be considered to control access into the data center and video surveillance is recommended to keep an eye on the activities inside the data center itself.

  • Access control (card access)
  • CCTV cameras and digital video storage
  • Environmental monitoring

Backup Power (UPS's): Data centers consume a great deal of power and the expensive equipment inside needs not only reliable power but power that is clean and stable. Choosing the right types of UPS's and having those UPS's properly sized for their peak workload will not only minimize downtimes but also provide additional protection for your expensive equipment. DELL-COMM has the knowledge base to help you design a backup power system that will meet your needs today and take you into the future.

  • Clean power
  • Properly sized power
  • Energy efficient power

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